Dr. Steel, This One’s For You

Dr. Steel was right.
Not entirely, but he was right. This world is depressing and futile and sad. If we could embrace childhood as a permanent state of wonder and make it the drive for societal progress we could be happier.
If mankinds primary urge was to make mankind AS A WHOLE happier. We’d be in a far better situation.
If this was achieved by a power mad dictator who created toys that murdered his rivals and those who would deny us happiness for reasons of faith, or puritanical foolishness or simply because THEY’RE MEAN, well all the better.
Hating others for being happy is an evil path.

Hating others for their greed is understandable. Hating others for their callousness in pushing others down for their own benefit is entirely justified.
Hating others simply because they are happier than you, for whatever reason, is entirely missing the point.

Dr. Steel was right.
I cry every time I read his retirement letter about how the “real” world came and crushed his dreams. That shouldn’t have to happen to such talented, insane and inspirational people.

I remain a Toy Soldier and shall fight for my Playground Utopia until my dying breath.

Thank you Dr. Phineas Waldorf Steel for keeping the world a mad and wonderful place. If you ever come back to us, I would love to book you for an event, even if it meant selling organs on the black market. All the more so if I could book Voltaire as well as the pair of you have far more in common than most would assume.


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